Thirteenth Judicial District Court

State of New Mexico

Cibola Jury Panel Update

  "Warning Scam Alert: We have received reports that someone is posing as a court employee and demanding payment of fake fines over the phone by credit card. Please know that the 13th District Court will never call and ask for payment of any fines by phone using a credit card."
UPDATED: MAY 20, 2016 @ 4:24PM
To all Petit Jurors who are currently serving from April 15th 2016 through August 15,2016:
Panel 1: Jurors DO NOT NEED TO APPEAR for Jury Duty.
Panel 2: Jurors DO NOT NEED TO APPEAR for Jury Duty.
Panel 3: Jurors NEED TO APPEAR for Jury selection May 23,2016@9:00am before
Honorable Judge Pedro G. Rael.
Panel 4: Jurors DO NOT NEED TO APPEAR for Jury Duty.
You are required and asked to call into the Code-A-Phone every week on Friday after 5:00 pm.  LISTEN to see when your panel NEEDS TO APPEAR AND for UPDATED information IF your panel DOES NOT NEED to appear.
**If you are given a date to appear, please call the day before the given date to make sure Jury selection is still a go.
The code-a-phone number is 505/287-8831 ext. 1 or you can check our website at:
 Thank you.                               
 ***Please complete our Jury exit survey at: Thank