Thirteenth Judicial District Court

State of New Mexico

Sandoval Wedding Planner



A Marriage License is needed before a marriage ceremony can be performed. It can be obtained at the Sandoval County Marriage License Bureau located at 1500 Idalia Building B, Bernalillo, New Mexico (the building just north of the Sandoval County District Court). Also, you will need two witnesses. Sometimes Court staff will stand in to witness your marriage if you do not have your own.
Below is a list of the Courts in Sandoval County, with Judges qualified to perform your wedding ceremony. Each Judge maintains their own schedule so you may call their office to make arrangements.

Bernalillo Municipal Court, 771-5893
Corrales Municipal Court, 897-0503
Cuba Municipal Court, 289-3563
Jemez Springs Municipal Court, 829-3858
Rio Rancho Municipal Court, 891-5999
San Ysidro Municipal Court, 834-7701
Sandoval County Magistrate Court – Bernalillo, 867-5202
Sandoval County Magistrate Court – Cuba, 289-3519
Sandoval County Probate Court, 867-7645
Sandoval County District Court, 867-2376

We hope this will help you in planning your wedding. Congratulations and best of wishes to both of you.